If you're like a lot of christians you want a better relationship with god, but can't seem to get it on your own

Does this sound like you?

  • "I know I should prioritize God but I don't feel like I have enough time."

  • "I know what to do, I just don't have the discipline to actually do it."

  • "I feel guilty that I'm not a 'better' christian, and I feel like I'm letting God down."

  • "I love God but can't break these sin cycles. I'm tired of the distance they create."

  • "I know I could do better if I had a mentor."


The cost of only going halfway with Jesus is much higher than you might realize. If you're tired of having a shallow foundation, done with feeling guilty, and know you can't make it on your own; it's time for you to make a change. 


we understand because we've been there

We know what it's like to want more of God and we've made plenty of mistakes on our journey to really know Him. Through our struggle to make progress we've discovered a discipleship process that has helped us, and many others, develop the relationship with God we've always wanted. 


The Solution: Our 3-step discipleship process

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1) Understand God's Love

  • Discover the power of grace (it's not as "basic" as you think)

  • Learn the secret of building and sustaining a thriving prayer life

  • Focus on really "getting" the gospel


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2) Develop Your Character

  • Find out why you have been doing accountability the wrong way

  • Use Biblical tools to overcome sin and shame

  • Receive support to live a godly lifestyle

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3) Learn Discipleship Skills

  • Master proven methods for sharing your faith

  • Learn to stop making major mistakes when you interpret the bible

  • Practice leadership in a variety of settings


It worked for Them and It Will Work for you

Following this process has changed our lives. And it's not just us; through the years we've helped hundreds of young adults develop their relationship with God. Here are a few people who have been through the program recently:


What's My Investment? 

How much is an undeveloped spiritual life already costing you? Can you afford to spend years trying to figure out how to "follow God" without guidance? How many people will miss out because you never got serious about developing your discipleship skills? An incomplete foundation may already be costing you a great deal. 


Every Summer Intern Gets

6 Weeks of mentorship and training

Privileged access to the Greenhouse Pastors and Staff

Support and accountability to live a godly lifestyle

One graduation trip

Books and Additional Resources

6 Weeks of Food (lunch and sometimes dinner)


Tuition Cost